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LoRa9 LoRaWAN Gateway

LoRa9 LoRaWAN Gateway

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The MikroTik wAP Lora9 kit is an out-of-the-box solution to use as a LoRaWAN gateway, operating in 902-908 MHz. This kit contains a pre-installed UDP packet forwarder to any public or private LoRa servers and an outdoor weatherproof wireless access point with 2.4 GHz WLAN interface and Ethernet port that could be used as a backend.

This particular wAP form-factor has been tested in many other MikroTik products – it can deliver excellent and stable performance in almost any weather conditions.

Range up to 2 km from LoRaWAN sensor nodes (extend range up to 10 km available with external high gain antenna).

Suitable for installation outdoors.

Requires internet connection and power.

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