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GS101 Residential Gas Detector

GS101 Residential Gas Detector

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LoRaWAN Frequency

The Milesight GS101 is a LoRaWAN® IoT residential gas detector to detect the natural gas leak and send alarms. When the concentration caused by a gas leak reaches the preset threshold, the detector will trigger both LED light alarm and buzzer sound alarm, it also supports controlling outputs to close the gas valve and open the vent fans to prevent potential accidents. Apart from local alarms, GS101 can also report the normal status of the device and alarm messages remotely by the use of LoRaWAN® technology. Integrating with LoRaWAN®, users can monitor all the sensor data and control the device remotely and visually. 


  • Built-in semiconductor gas detecting sensor with 5-year life expectancy with no calibration needed
  • High sensitivity gas leak detection and support 8% LEL alarm threshold
  • Equipped with buzzer and light indicators to indicate the device powered, faulty, alarmed, and invalid status
  • Equipped with a test button to test the device’s normal or abnormal status
  • Equipped with outputs for controlling external appliances such as gas valves and vent fans
  • Built in NFC for easy configuration
  • Functions well with standard LoRaWAN IoT gateways and network servers

Powered by: 240 VAC to 12VDC Power Adaptor (included).

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