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EM500-CO2 Sensor

EM500-CO2 Sensor

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LoRaWAN Frequency

Milesight LoRaWAN AU915/AS923 Outdoor CO2 IoT Sensor. Combining advanced LoRa technology and a 19000mAh battery makes the EM500-CO2 a low power consumption product with years-long use life. It integrates CO2, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, which perfectly suits both indoor and outdoor monitoring applications such as Warehouse environment monitoring, Basement parking monitoring, Smart Agriculture and Building automation.

  • Robust IP66 rated enclosure
  • Configuration via NFC
  • Functions well with standard LoRaWAN IoT gateways and network servers
  • Low power consumption
  • IoT for next-generation environmental monitoring

Battery: User replaceable, Includes 1 x ER34615 19000mAh Li-SOCL battery

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