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EM400-TLD ToF Laser Distance IoT Sensor

EM400-TLD ToF Laser Distance IoT Sensor

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LoRaWAN Frequency

MIlesight LoRaWAN AS923/AU915 EM400-TLD ToF Laser Distance IoT Sensor. EM400-TLD is a highly specialized product among the EM400 Series, which is designed for small & mini trash bins, boasts a range of powerful features, including the ability to detect overflowing garbage, the status of the garbage bin lid, and trash combustion. With pre-set modes that save users from configuration, EM400-TLD is the ideal solution for smart waste management, providing a long-lasting performance that customers can rely on. EM400-TLD employs time-of-flight (ToF) to detect and measure the distance to objects, ensuring almost no blind spots and a stable performance. Leveraging ToF technology, EM400-TLD can effectively monitor the fill level of small & mini trash bin with high accuracy and alert users to empty trash in time.

Perfect for smart buildings, smart city deployments or industrial use-cases.

  • 3-in-1 Sensor Specialized for Smart Waste Management (Fill Level, Device Position, and Combustion)
  • High Accuracy and Almost No Blind Spot
  • Two Pre-set Modes for Seamless User Experience
  • Long-Lasting up to 10 Years Battery Life
  • Rugged and Reliable IP67 Rated Enclosure
  • IP67 Rated
  • 3-axis accelerometer to detect the device position
  • Functions well with standard LoRaWAN IoT gateways and network servers

Battery: User replaceable, Includes 2 x ER26500 9000mAh Li-SOCL batteries

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