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LSE01 Soil Moist, Temp + EC Sensor

Price: $310.00
SKU: 1011

Use this simple sensor to measure Soil Moisture, Temperature and Conductivity Pre-configured to connect to TTN LoRaWAN Gateways.

Environment Monitoring - Outdoor


Product Details

Measures soil moisture, temperature and conductivity of saline-alkali soil and loamy soil using the FDR method to calculate the soil moisture with the compensation from soil temperature and conductivity.

Operating Temperature -10 to +70°C

Data Reporting Interval 30 minutes.

Alarms Available...
TEXT and/or Email on low or high level
TEXT and/or Email on Low Battery
Custom alarms available
Range up to 5 km from a suitable LoRaWAN Gateway.

Water resistant enclosure and sensor.

Suitable for installation indoors or in a semi sheltered outdoor location.

Expected Battery Life 



Manufacturers Website

Managed Data Transit Fee (if required)

$12 per year (charged annually in advance)

Network Type / Protocols

AU915 (AS923 available on request)


Nuvola Support Zone